“I had the pleasure of touring England and Scotland with Handcrafted Holidays in September 2014. We were a small group of seven, including Kathy, our fantastic guide. This was a trip of a lifetime for a textile lover. Everyday we saw interesting exhibits, artisan studios, shops, or museums related to fibre, and more! Our comfy bus was a 10-seater so we could travel on narrow country roads with no problem, and our small group could easily visit quaint, out of the way studios and farms. We went to places a bigger group would never get to see, nor would you find on your own. The pastoral beauty of the countryside was stunning. Kathy chose quality accommodations with character and excellent food. She also researched restaurants near the places we visited so we always had great food choices. When we had a day to ourselves Kathy had maps, tips for getting around and ideas of sites and shops to see. Alan, our bus driver, was very professional, flexible and reliable. We enjoyed his sense of humour and  pleasant manner. Kathy was very organized, paced each day with timely breaks, and had taken care of all the details. It was a worry free adventure! My travel mates were really respectful, kind and interesting. It was especially fun to share our mutual excitement of all things textile! I will treasure the memories of this trip and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys knitting, crocheting, felting, traditional or art quilting, weaving or embroidery. You will see many beautiful things and come home inspired. p.s. Bring an empty carry-on…..the shopping is fabulous!☺️” -Maureen T.

“The 2014 Food and Fiber Lovers’ Tour was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Each day was a delight and well organized. I particularly appreciated the variety of activities Kathy had planned. While the focus of the tour may have been food and fiber, she included other diversions. I will not forget spending a sunny afternoon on a boat on Coniston Water in the Lake District or the House For an Art Lover, conceived by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret. Simply stunning. I came home inspired and motivated to return to my own art and filled with mental images of the art and craft we saw, the people we met, and the places experienced. ” -Kathie K.

“These trips that Kathy plans are, well, wonderful! She plans and organizes each day for the group members to meet exceptional artists and see their work. In addition, the trips show views of the UK that the ordinary tourist would never see. There are visits to an extraordinary variety of venues, knitting/crocheting, quilting, dyeing of fabrics, creative arts, embroidery, lace, weaving, castles, farms, lakes and private homes/studios. You return with inspiration and knowledge of what is possible as a crafter, and more knowledge about sheep and wool that you ever had any idea existed. Thank You Kathy!” -JoEllen R.

“The thing I liked the most was the places we were able to visit because of the small size of our group. The experiences were so personal and memorable.” -Bobbie B.

“I am reflecting back on that marvelous trip we shared. So many vivid memories of the wonderful array of places you arranged for us to visit – and the inspiring artists and fiber people that we met! You are so amazing at putting all this together!” – JoAnn S.

“In the fall of 2007, I took a really marvelous Food & Fiber Tour of Ireland hosted by Kathy Brassill with Handcrafted Holidays. Kathy’s knowledge of the area and contacts with locals throughout the country really made this a special tour. The small number of people also gave us the opportunity to socialize during the rides to different places. There was just enough on-our-own time for individual exploration. I can recommend these tours without reservation and will look for another! Thanks Kathy!” -Diane C.

“Kathy Brassill’s was THE BEST tour that I have ever taken – truly – with a wonderful mix of beautiful sight-seeing in Wales, textile and art experiences, “insiders-and-behind-the-scenes” visits, with incredible person-to-person visits with artists in their homes and studios – extraordinary!  I’m so pleased to see that you’re re-visiting several of these artists …who were so gracious and hospitable when we visited them.  I loved having “tea” with these folks and understanding their lives and their work.  Part of it, undoubtedly, was that you limited the number of participants, so that we didn’t feel like a “herd” – but more like “company” and “friends” who were invited to share our enthusiasms for fiber and art.  This year’s  finale at the extraordinary Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London will be as memorable as the Quilt Show that we finished with in Birmingham…with the “bonus” Kaffe Fasset Quilt show in Wales added in this year.  The BEST!  Once again you have constructed a fabulous trip!  I heartily recommend it – – – and I know everyone will enjoy it!” – Jo Ann S.